The Realtor® You Choose and ​how You Position Your Home is Important

These are the proven tactics we use to get your home on the market to the most buyers.

Great pictures tell the story. You hire a professional to sell your home, the photographs should be professional as well. Big, beautiful images are appealing and enticing. Photography is only one piece of our comprehensive, overall selling strategy.

Videos and clips are key to attracting buyers. Our goal is to engage them, help them fall in love online and want to come look in person. Exterior, interior, and aerial/drone videos are proven to grab an audiences attention.

We can easily do this virtually or physically to make a great first impression. Buyers can envision their furniture when they see current placement and sizes. Simple changes make a big impact on a room, so we work with professional designers and organizers to help prepare your home to sell for top dollar.

Everyone is on social media. We consistently use the top story and visual mediums: Facebook and Instagram. The right photos, videos, and story draw people in to learn more about your home.

For the areas we specialize in, we place ads with current and upcoming listings in local publications, newspapers, and newsletters (printed and digital) such as The Leader.

Your property is listed on our website, on HAR, and with multiple other sites. Your listing is also easily searchable by potential buyers and realtors.

We have successfully used geofencing and retargeting with digital ads to reach potential customers. Knowing where to find the right buyers is a strength of our overall strategy.

​Referrals are absolutely the best part of our business! We take care of our clients, and it shows because they take care of us becoming part of our family and valuable network. If you want to know more about what past clients think, read our testimonials.


We are ready to help.

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